Esqueleto Explosivo

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Esqueleto Explosivo is a Mexico-inspired slot from the Swedish game developer Thunderkick. Instead of traditional reels, sugar skulls will come falling down from the sky and line up in five neat columns on the screen. The theme is Day of the Dead and we are being entertained by a mariachiband of skelletons. We absolutely recommend that you play this slot with the sound on.

Esqueleto Explosivo

The RTP for this slot is 97% which is very nice and has helped it gain a following among slot players looking for high RTP slots. Another thing that sets Esqueleto Explosivo apart from most other slots is that there are seventeen (17!) paylines.

The symbols used in Esqueleto Explosivo are sugar skulls – a popular decoration during Mexico’s celebrations of Dia de Muertos. Many different sugar skulls can come falling down when you play, such as the golden one with pink glasses, the green one adorned with a flower, a turquose one that is missing a few teeth, a sugar skull sporting a really nice mustasch, and a sugar skull holding a rose in its mouth.

So, why is this slot called Esqueleto Explosivo? Beacuse when sugar skulls form a winning combination, they explode to leave room for new skulls to fall down. If you are familiar with the avalance feature on the slot Gonzo’s Quest (from NetEnt), you know the deal. As if this wasn’t enough, Esqueleto Explosive is also equipped with a wild symbol that will make eight nearby sugar skulls explode – giving you another chance to form winning combos without having to make a new wager.

Basic info about Esqueleto Explosivo

  • Game developer: Thunderkick
  • Launch year: 2014
  • Tema: Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead)
  • Reel: Five columns instead of reels
  • Paylines: 17
  • Wild: Yes
  • Scatter: No
  • Free spins mode: No
  • Bonus game: No
  • Progressive jackpot: No
  • RTP: 97%


On most online slots, you get to select coin value, how many coins to bet per payline and how many paylines to activate. This is not how Esqueleto Explosivo works. Instead, you simply decide how much money you wish to wager on this round. If you are playing in Euro, these are your available options: €0,10 / €0,50 / €1 / €2 / €5 / €10 / €50 / €100 / €250. You always play with all 17 paylines active, regardless of which of the amounts you chose.

Explosion (avalanche) feature with increasing win multiplier

When a winning combination is formed in Esqueleto Explosivo, the included symbols will explode to give room for new ones, giving you a new chance to form winning combinaions without having to do a new wager. If you win again, a new explosion will occur, and so on. For each new win during the same round, the win multiplier will increase. It follows these steps: 1x / 2x / 4x / 8x / 16x / 32x. The highest possible win multiplier is 32x.

Wild symbol with re-spin and increasing win multiplier

The sugar skull wearing pink glasses is a wild symbol and can replace any other symbol. When it appears, it will make the eight sugar skulls around it explode, giving you a new chance to form winning combos.

For each subsequent explosion during a round (induced by a wild or by a win), the win multiplier will increase, until it has reached the maximum (32x).