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slotland entertainmentOriginating in 1998, Software developer Slotland Entertainment is truly a veteran of the casino games scene – and was undoubtedly a pioneer when it came to innovation in the industry. An Anjouan-based company that prides itself on its loyal audience, Slotland traces its origins back to the early days of online gambling, with a heavy focus on slots.

Known for offering an excellent range of different slots titles, with in-house software that allows for tighter design and more exciting outcomes, Slotland utilises all the tools available to them to make every single customer’s experience the best possible. With over 50,000 players, there’s more than enough evidence Slotland continues to excel in the industry after more than 20 decades of development time.

Why play at a Slotland Entertainment casino?

There are many reasons why players might choose the slots available from Slotland Entertainment over the alternatives available on the market. But the primary reason is the excellent attention-to-detail the developer provides with every title. Cutting-edge visuals, practical design and an excellent soundtrack all make Slotland’s games enjoyable to play from the first second of opening the game.

As their name suggests, Slotland’s primary focus is on slots-based games, and thanks to their 20+ years of experience in the industry, their development is down to a fine art. Each title they release is just as good, if not better than the last. From classic game styles to more contemporary themed slots, the variety that Slotland offers goes above and beyond many younger brands, thanks to their long history and fuller catalogue.

Another great advantage of Slotland is the simplicity of playing each game. There’s no need to download or any excessive navigation; all you need to do is log in to the platform, pick your game of choice, register and you’re ready to deposit funds and go. It’s that easy to play.

Slotland games can be found at a range of casinos, including Win A Day Casino, Slotland Casino and Crypto Slots Casino, all of which utilise Slotland’s expert software development to provide the best experience to players. Slotland’s games are also developed to be just as accessible via mobile, allowing players to make use of their attractive slots games on the go.


castle siege

Every title under the brand is created in-house by the company’s development team, ensuring a level of quality is met with every title. However, Slotland also has several video poker titles available under its label; though slots still appear to be the overall focus of the casino.

Slotland games are all designed in HTML5, making them readily available from mobile or tablet in addition to playing on a desktop computer. Combined with the lack of download requirements, the accessibility of Slotland’s games is of a high level, making their titles even more convenient for their thousands of players.

As with many slot developer companies, Slotland’s games are simple, visually appealing and easy to play, allowing players to win up to $100,000 on individual top-prize large jackpot titles. Slotland is open about their independent audits to ensure honesty and fairness when it comes to their titles, further proving why this industry specialist has continued to succeed over 20 years since they entered the market.

From the classic Gods of Egypt themed slot game through to the more unique and original Ice Queen title, Slotland provides plenty of variability in its games to keep players interested. From Turbo G.T. to Phantom of the Opera, there are slots suited for just about every player style or type.

Slotland’s Best Return to Player

Slotland Entertainment offers a variety of different slot games to players, with each title holding its own Return to Player, or RTP, score. This score indicates the likeliness of wins for each particular game, allowing players to make a more informed choice about the slots they play. For Slotland, the best RTP games are as follows:

  • Aces and Face – Poker – 97.8%
  • Birthday Bash– Slots – 96%
  • Castle Siege – Slots – 95.5%
  • Aztec Adventure – Slots – 95.4%
  • Alice in Wonderland – Slots – 95.1%
  • Busted – 94.9%
  • Amazonia – Slots – 94.3%
  • City Girls– Slots – 93.5%
  • Beauty Salon – Slots – 93.4%

With the majority of Slotland’s titles averaging above 90%, the odds are good for players considering the slots that fit their needs. This provides additional insight and helps those players make the right choice of slots for them.

Alice in Wonderland


Slotland Entertainment’s games catalogue is largely made up of slot titles, in varying themes, styles and RTPs. These titles are designed in-house at Slotland in HTML5, allowing for more creative control over the final product. Slotland’s slot games are available in a wide range of different unique styles, including the following:

  • Haunted
  • Trip to Japan
  • Fair Tycoon
  • Birthday Bash
  • Stardust
  • Busted
  • Enchanted Gems
  • Vegas Mania
  • Amore
  • Castle Siege

Each of the above games holds their own unique qualities, offering players a variety of different themes and styles to try, as well as a range of different jackpots to aim for. Slotland places a heavy emphasis on the inclusion of bonus features with their slots games, adding extra interest to each title with a range of innovative and practical features to further benefit the player.

The popular Castle Siege, for example, is themed around medieval castles and styles, complete with a perfectly coordinating soundtrack. Players are encouraged to seize the treasures within the game, and bonus games and free spins are included within the browser-based platform to provide variety to new players and long-time Slotland fans alike.

Other games, such as the unique Amore, place the focus on visual style, with an appealing and well-designed romance-themed slot that looks as good as it plays. Other titles, like Stardust and Busted, are also heavily themed and feature up-to-date visuals along with great soundtracks that further add to the appeal of Slotland’s variety of titles.

Slotland also makes use of multipliers, hidden prizes and bonus games in many of their slots, such as Haunted and Birthday Bash, further adding to replayability and encouraging players to invest more time into a single slot to discover exactly what else the game may contain.

Poker & Card Games

While Slotland Entertainment is best known for their wide range of different themed slots titles, the developer has also dabbled in other genres of the casino world, including several in-house virtual poker and card games designed with excellent RTPs and bold visual styles that are classic without appearing outdated.

The most popular poker game available from Slotland is the Aces & Faces Multi-Hand, a multi-hand poker game designed in a classic blue with high payout opportunities. Alongside this title, Jacks Or Better is a newer card game on Slotland’s books, this time in the traditional virtual cards green with smooth animation and attractive style. This more modern game offers players the opportunity to earn payouts up to 5,000 times their bet; an attractive prospect for any player.

Other, classic poker games also feature in Slotland’s list, including Double Bonus Poker and Aces & Eights. While these titles may not be quite as visually appealing as the highly stylised slots games the developer excels at, they are still solid titles to bulk out Slotland’s catalogue.

Spinning Wheels

A classically-designed game in an instantly recognisable style, Slotland’s Win A Fortune game is a departure from their usual slots or occasional card titles, applying their development skills to a traditional fortune wheel platform. Complete with double bonus games and treasure surprises, this wheel spin title is proving popular and shows just how versatile the team behind Slotland’s casino can be.

About Slotland

Since Slotland Entertainment first made its debut back in 1998, the company has continued to be on the sharp end of casino game development, and are continually innovating and improving as the years go on. Thanks to part to this longevity and experience, Slotland continues to produce the same high-quality games it always has, with an increasingly modern appearance.

Slotland casino was launched in 1998 alongside the Slotland development brand, and to this day, the online casino continues to be the primary source for the brand’s best games and titles. In 2007, Win a Day casino was added to Slotland’s global portfolio, offering an EU-based alternative that has been incredibly successful, with millions paid out in wins since its launch.

Finally, CryptoSlots is the newest addition to Slotland’s ever-growing brand, offering a high-security, cryptocurrency-only alternative to the modern casino, perfectly designed for the requirements and specifications of today’s casino players. Every brand under the Slotland Entertainment name is licensed and registered by the Government of Anjouan, ensuring a safe and secure experience for every player that uses one of Slotland’s popular platforms.

Slotland Entertainment offers its casinos in both English and Spanish, allowing the company to reach a wider audience, with the primary currency of all its platforms being in U.S. dollars. While there are many positives to this unique platform, there is also no information from third-parties in regards to auditing, and all of Slotland’s casinos feature an unusually long withdrawal process for 48-72 hours.

Slotland History

1998 – Origin of Slotland Entertainment
2007 – Launch of Win A Day casino
2018 – Launch of CryptoSlots casino

The majority of Slotland’s success comes from the fact that they develop not only the casinos that players can use, but they also produce every game in-house. This ensures their players get the best possible quality for their play time, as well as the ability to provide first-hand support direct from the team who created the game.

For those looking to contact Slotland directly to discuss their games, support and contact can be found through live chat on their various casinos. To contact the office of Slotland Entertainment directly, the email address provided is

The location of Slotland Entertainment’s head office is:

Slotland Entertainment S.A.
Suite 2100
ACS, B.P. 269
Mutsamudu – ANJOUAN
Union of Comoros


Who are Slotland Entertainment?

Slotland Entertainment is a casino game developer for their online casinos, specialising in the creation of virtual slot machines, as well as a small range of poker-based card games and wheel spin style games. The company is licenced from, and based in, Anjouan, and has been operating as a developer for casino games since 1998.

What casinos do Slotland Entertainment own?

Slotland Entertainment currently owns three casinos; Slotland casino, Win A Day casino and CryptoSlots. All games on each casino are created by, and owned by, Slotland Entertainment, and operate under a U.S. dollar currency. Slotland’s casinos each offer full support services including live chat, to provide better customer service.

How to win at Slotland Entertainment games?

Slotland Entertainment is a regulated company under the country of Anjouan, which means the company must follow the strict requirements laid out for honest and fair gameplay in every single casino game they develop and release. Because of these regulations, random number generation that is tested externally is required to ensure these needs are met.

However, players can increase their chance of winning through legitimate means, even in a fair game system. By taking a closer look at the Return to Player, or RTP, of a game, the player can identify a percentage of time in which money is paid out for a specific game. For example, Birthday Bath from Slotland Entertainment has a 96% RTP. A higher RTP indicates there is more chance the platform will pay out, and choosing an RTP that is the highest possible is the best way to improve your chances.

How to contact Slotland Entertainment?

Scroll up to our contact section above to find out all the details to get in contact with Slotland Entertainment. For communication regarding a specific casino or game, it’s recommended that you instead get in touch through the live support offered on each platform. Alternatively, you can visit their website for more information about the company and further contact information.

What does Slotland Entertainment do?

Slotland Entertainment is primarily a developer of casino-style slot machine games. They are also the owners of three different casinos, through which their various poker and slots titles can be accessed and played.