Castle Builder

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Castle Builder is an unsual slot with an overarching storyline. As you play, you can collect building materials, build castles, and sell them to roaylty. The more impressive castles you build, the better you get paid when you sell them. Castles with plenty of gold, silver and bronze details are known to fetch a good price. As you become a better builder, you will rise within your profession and this can translate into higher wins.


The setting for Castle Builder is a fantasy world inspired by the Medieval era, where various kings rule over their kingdoms. When you have finnished building a castle, a princess will take notice and move in to it. In her new home, she will accept suitors interested in marrying her. Which suitor she picks is important, because a richer suitor will pay you more for the castle than a poorer one.

You can build a maximum of ten castles in each kingdom, and there are tree kingdoms available. So, all in all, you can build a maximum of 30 castles. If you achieve that, you will be awarded an in-game diamond medal as proof.

Castle Builder is available for both desktop, smartphones and tablets. The touch screen version is adapted for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile.

Castle Builder was released in 2012, but remained relatively unknown in the online casino world until 2014 when Microgaming decided to include it in their Quickfire platform.

Basic info about Castle Builder

  • Game developer: RabCat
  • Launch year: 2012
  • Reels: 5
  • Paylines: 15
  • Wild symbol: Yes
  • Progressive jackpot: No
  • RTP: 96.47 percent


  • You decide how many paylines to activate, from just 1 to all 15.
  • You can adjust the coin value. The available options are 0,01 / 0,02 / 0,05 / 0,10 / 0,20 / 0,25 / 0,50 / 1 when playing in Euro.
  • You always bet 1 coin per activated payline.
  • The smallest possible wager is 1 payline x €0,01 x 1 coin = €0,01 per round. The largest possible wager is 15 paylines x €1 x 1 coin = €15 per round.


The builder is a wild symbol and can substitut for any other regular symbol.

Building material

As you play Castle Builder, you can collect two types of building material: regular material and metall (gold, silver or bronze). The more gold, silver and bronze you include in a castle, the higher your chance of getting amply rewarded.

Status levels

As your career as a builder improves, you will be awarded various medals by the grateful royal houses for having built such amazing castles. Which medals you can get will depend on where you currently are in this medeival society, and it is possible for you to climb the social ladder by being a great maker of royal castles. The five status levels that are available are builder, master builder, construction expert, architect, and castle builder.

Why care about this? Because the higher your status, the higher your possible wins get when playing Castle Builder.